Statement from Senior Decision-maker

Dear HIWIN Partners,

Since 2012, HIWIN has been releasing CSR Reports annually to share with stakeholders our beliefs in sustainability. On October 14th, 2021, HIWIN founder, Global Chairman, and CEO Eric Y.T. Chuo convened an ESG kickoff meeting with senior executives, effectively launching HIWIN's own ESG Committee. Starting from January 2022, HIWIN's ESG task forces have been working methodically toward our net zero emissions targets for 2030 and 2050 under President Enid H.C. Tsai's leadership. The CSR Report was also renamed the ESG Report.

The reporting framework for the 2021 ESG Report remains largely the same, following the core principles of sustainable management. In the 2021 ESG Report, we have formulated short-, mid-, and long-term sustainable development goals targeting the economy, environment, and society to support the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. In 2021, HIWIN continued to receive various sustainability awards from the TCSA and was honored to receive the BSI's Award for Outstanding Sustainability and Resilience and Business Weekly's Top 100 Carbon Reducing Companies in Taiwan. Achievements in 2021:

(1) Corporate Governance

HIWIN strives to implement sustainable strategies. To such ends, we transformed the CSR Committee in 2021 with Global Chairman and CEO Eric Y.T. Chuo personally chairing the ESG kickoff meetings. We formally launched the ESG Task Force to reassess sustainable development goals, expand employee participation in sustainability culture, and realize our vision for sustainability together. In 2021, HIWIN's efforts were rewarded when HIWIN received Gold and Silver at the annual Taiwan Excellence Award and was ranked in the top 6%-20% in the TWSE's 8th Corporate Governance Ratings, 25th in the 2021 Best Taiwan Global Brands, and 35th in CommonWealth Magazine's Top 100 Sustainable Companies.

(2) Environmental Sustainability

In response to the global climate change and the greenhouse effect and with a focus on conserving energy, conserving water, and reducing waste, HIWIN has developed 23 mitigation programs by integrating the circular economy concept with process input mitigation. We also continue to identify climate risks and opportunities, formulating response measures to strengthen our climate adaptation capabilities. In 2021, HIWIN continued to strive towards energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, and carbon reduction targets through source management to fulfill our commitment to a green, sustainable environment.

(3) Social Sustainability

In 2021, HIWIN continued to facilitate development in Taiwan's robotics industry, supporting various campaigns launched by the Taiwan Robotics Industry-Academia Alliance formed by the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA). As of 2021, HIWIN has sponsored 62 robotic arms valued at NT$30 million. The Alliance is currently comprised of 90 companies / schools and 7 test centers/ cultivation center. In 2021, the Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry collaborated with 6 high schools, middle schools, vocational high schools, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and HIWIN to establish the Taipei City Industrial Robotics Education Center with TAIROA, thereby expanding the Alliance's influence.

In terms of epidemic prevention efforts, HIWIN continued to advance epidemic prevention capabilities in response to the spread and variants of COVID-19, supporting the central government's epidemic prevention efforts and making rolling adjustments to brace ourselves for the pandemic and minimize risks. In 2021, HIWIN donated 50 cleanroom-level positive pressure testing booths (PPTB) and negative pressure isolation rooms as well as 300,000 syringes to contribute towards Taiwan's health care capacity.

For sustainable talent development, HIWIN has long been pooling resources from the industry, government, and academia, hosting the HIWIN Thesis Award, HIWIN Dissertation Award, and HIWIN Robotic Competition; promoting certificates for Automation Engineers and Robotics Engineers; and sponsoring library equipment, children's books, English courses, and STEAM education in elementary schools.

In 2021, the U.S.-China Trade War and the COVID-19 pandemic introduced volatile fluctuations to the global economy. In the worst moments of the pandemic, HIWIN continued to fulfill new customer demands and even expanded into the semiconductor, healthcare, 5G, and automation industry, capitalizing on our long-term investments in branding, marketing, and product research and development. In 2021, HIWIN achieved consolidated revenue of NT$27.265 billion, a 28.21% growth from 2020 and a testimony to our strong competitive edge.

Looking into the future, HIWIN will continue to fulfill ideals of sustainable development and advance our core competencies, striving to create better welfare and a better workplace for mankind. We hope that all stakeholders and partners can join us as we take on our responsibilities toward a sustainable future. Let us join hands and play our part in making Taiwan and our world a better place.