Chairman’s Statement

Reflecting on 2022, the global Covid-19 pandemic gradually receded, and Taiwan also began easing restrictions. However, economic growth remained sluggish due to various factors, including the Ukraine-Russia war, inflation, Federal Reserve rate hikes, and China‘s lockdown measures. Additionally, extreme weather events prompted a surge in net-zero initiatives worldwide.

Despite confronting multiple external challenges, HIWIN achieved a consolidated net revenue of US$954.41 million and a profit after tax of US$140.35 million in 2022. HIWIN ranked among the top 6%–20% of listed companies in the 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation. Moreover, HIWIN was honored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs with a place in the “ 2022 Taiwan’s Best International Brand Top 25. ”

We have formulated a sustainable vision blueprint for 2030 and implemented actions and goals for four sustainability roles. Our aim is to cultivate a deeper understanding among all stakeholders and partners who value HIWIN, regarding our commitment to sustainable development and our core corporate capabilities. Together, we strive to make a positive impact on Taiwan and the world.

Practitioner of Green Manufacturing

As an international enterprise and a member of the global community, HIWIN actively responds to the international goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. We have established short, medium, and long-term goals and strategies for reducing carbon emissions. Our comprehensive approach focuses on four core strategies: improving energy efficiency, developing low-carbon products, promoting circular economy and waste reduction, and implementing renewable energy sources. We are pleased to report that we have achieved 7% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2022, compared to our base year of 2021. This accomplishment has greatly increased our confidence and motivation. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of water conservation, we have obtained validation from TÜV Rheinland, Germany, in 2022, and have been awarded the world’s first ISO 46001:2019 Water Efficiency Management System certificate.

Achiever of Common Good in Society

HIWIN firmly believes that education is the catalyst for social progress and development. As such, we have made substantial and ongoing investments in talent development. These investments include sponsoring English teaching in elementary schools, promoting STEAM education, and supporting libraries. Additionally, we extend our support to high schools and universities through initiatives such as the HIWIN Smart Robotics Contest, the donation of robotic teaching equipment, and the establishment of prestigious awards like the ” HIWIN Thesis Award ” and the ” HIWIN Doctoral Dissertation Award. “ In 2022, our total investment in talent development exceeded US$1.3 million.

Furthermore, we have dedicated an area in our Yunlin factory to the preservation of Taiwan's native camphor trees, creating an “old tree area.” This initiative has resulted in a significant increase in bird populations, with many birds now inhabiting and breeding in the factory and its surrounding areas. We have captured these moments in a documentary film titled “Our Love for Living Here.” Through this environmental education documentary, our aim is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the natural environment and preserving biodiversity.

Builder of Diversity in the Workplace

HIWIN is dedicated to fostering a respectful and harmonious work environment through the implementation of various employee-friendly initiatives. We offer designated parking spaces for pregnant employees and dedicated lactation rooms. Additionally, we provide sexual harassment prevention courses and establish a complaint channel to address any related issues. These measures ensure that our employees can work with peace of mind. In 2022, our female R&D engineers accounted for 14.8% of our workforce. We eagerly anticipate the unique perspectives that women bring, infusing the precision machinery industry with their sensitivity, finesse, and emotional intelligence. Furthermore, we introduced parental education leave in 2022 to encourage employees to actively participate in their children’s school activities. This initiative aims to promote interaction between parents and children, fostering positive family relationships.

Innovator of Industrial Transformation

Turning to innovation investment, HIWIN received the Silver Award at the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2022 for our products ” Underwater Direct Drive Rotary Table ” and ” Robotic Gait Training System. ” Additionally, HIWIN was honored with BSI’s Award for Outstanding Sustainability and ranked 39th in CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 100 Sustainable Companies. Also worth mentioning is that HIWIN upholds the spirit of ” If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together, ” collaborating with 30 partners from machine tool industry to establish the ” Smart Manufacturing Advancement Alliance. ” Through the mass production of the world’s first intelligent ballscrew i4.0BS® , we have initiated the transformation and upgrade of the Taiwan machine tool industry, starting with the enhancement of critical components. We continue to provide high-quality products and services, contributing to the development of the precision machinery industry.