Talent Development

In addition to developing the brand and advancing core technologies, HIWIN has increased its involvement in talent development initiatives within the precision machinery industry as operating profits have grown. Through recognizing mechanical pioneers, identifying industrial talents, and nurturing international talents, we strive to achieve a synergistic effect that drives innovation, integrates resources, and enhances our capabilities, thereby contributing to the creation of a society focused on learning and growth. In various public welfare projects,we employ multiple investment methods,including leading participation, project-based participation, and resource sponsorship, to enhance the quality of education.

Cultivate Future Talents, Starting from Young Age

Global Chairman Eric Y.T. Chuo, the founder of HIWIN, firmly believes that those who are less fortunate have limited resources, but knowledge is a valuable asset. As a result, HIWIN is dedicated to multiple facets of talent development, including community outreach and support for grassroots education. This is a significant and enduring social responsibility that is worth our investment.

(1) Elementary school libraries, children's books

HIWIN, situated in various counties and towns across Taiwan, conducts visits to local school libraries, where they assess the facilities, book collections, and reading environments. The Company aids the schools in developing improvement plans and offers financial assistance to upgrade both hardware and software. Furthermore, HIWIN consistently donates books to enhance the libraries.

In 2022, HIWIN sponsored Liu-Jia Elementary School in Hsinchu, Cih-Tong Elementary School in Yunlin, and Sun-Hope Elementary School in Chiayi. Through these sponsorships, they donated books and improved library facilities, with a total value of US$113,359.

(2) Elementary School English Course

Recognizing the importance of language as a vital tool for active engagement on the global stage,HIWIN endeavors to establish a strong English foundation for children, nurturing their speaking skills and bolstering their confidence. Since September 2010, we have provided sponsorship for the implementation of the “English Curriculum” program and related activities in Liu-Jia Elementary School in Hsinchu. Starting from January 2014, HIWIN has expanded its sponsorship to include Cih-Tong Elementary School in Yunlin.In 2022, a total of US$248,134 was allocated for thesponsorship of the “English Curriculum” activities.

(3) STEAM Education Demonstration

In 2019, the HIWIN Education Foundation launched the STEAM Education Demonstration Base Project. They selected the Chuo Yung-Tung Memorial Library in Liu-Jia Elementary School in Hsinchu as the location to establish a STEAM classroom. The foundation's team carefully planned and redesigned the classroom to align with the essence of STEAM education,ensuring it met the practical needs of teaching and allowed for easy implementation. They then sought out appropriate teaching materials for students in lower, middle, and upper grades, and enlisted professional institutions to conduct STEAM teacher training courses. HIWIN's goal is for all students in the school to experience the imaginative and creative aspects of STEAM, integrating and applying mathematical and scientific knowledge to solve real-life problems.

In 2020, Political Deputy Minister of Education Mon Chi Liu led a delegation to visit the Liu-Jia Elementary School for on-site inspections. The foundation's implementation team also presented the project's highlights to Minister of Education Wen Chung Pan, receiving high recognition from the Ministry of Education. Starting in 2022, STEAM education was extended to Cih-Tong Elementary School in Yunlin. The HIWIN-sponsored STEAM Education Demonstration Base Project received a total of US$31,997.

In the 2022 academic year, Liu-Jia Elementary School participated in the Science and Technology Education Creative Implementation Competition in Hsinchu County. They achieved second place in the Information Technology category with their project titled “Smart Home Care Network for an Intelligent Leisure Community - Creating a Win-Win for Youth and Silver Generation.” Director Li Fu Li expressed special gratitude to HIWIN and the HIWIN Education Foundation for their strong support in STEAM education.This support has provided the children of Liu-Jia Elementary School with abundant learning resources, interdisciplinary learning opportunities, a platform to showcase their creativity, and the ability to achieve outstanding results in the competition.

Commending Mechanical Pioneers, Driving Innovation

HIWIN aims to leverage the synergy between academia and industry to foster a culture of continuous self-improvement among young students.By nurturing their capabilities and integrating theoretical knowledge with practical skills, HIWIN strives to drive research and development innovations in the engineering sector. This collaborative approach ultimately enhances the industry's core competitiveness.

(1) HIWIN Smart Robotics Contest

Robots play a crucial role in smart manufacturing, making them an essential capability. In order to advance the technology and value of Taiwan's robot industry, as well as to identify talented individuals for related fields, HIWIN established the “HIWIN Smart Robotics Contest” in 2008. Over the years, this contest has been held 14 times, with a total of 537 teams participating. Out of these teams, 187 have emerged as winners, resulting in 1,205 students and teachers being recognized for their achievements. The 14th edition held this year, which we contributed total funds of US$99,174 for the contest, and stood out in two significant ways. Firstly, it was the first time that HIWIN's team took the lead in organizing the competition, with support from the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA) team. Together, they successfully carried out the competition tasks. Secondly, the venue for the contest was relocated to the central area of the Nangang Exhibition Center,conveniently situated near HIWIN's exhibition booth. This change attracted a record-breaking number of participants, with 133 teams from technical and vocational schools taking part. In total, there were 157 teams and 796 participants, marking the highest number in the history of the contest.The intense competition drew a large audience and generated significant attention and response.

(2) HIWIN Thesis Award

In line with our commitment to cultivating exceptional mechanical engineering talent for the industry,HIWIN introduced the HIWIN Thesis Award in 2004. The objective is to leverage the collective expertise of industry and academia to advance research and development,enhance product value, and bolster the industry􏘧s core competitiveness.Now in its 19th year as of 2022, the award has consistently allocated substantial funds annually. Throughout the past nineteen years, we have received a total of 1,837 submissions, resulting in 287 winning entries and 610 students and professors recognized with awards. The HIWIN Thesis Award has served as a catalyst for the establishment and organization of similar accolades by other companies. It has garnered significant acclaim and admiration from both the domestic mechanical industry and academic community, earning the distinction of being hailed as the Nobel Prize of the mechanical industry.

(3) HIWIN Doctoral Dissertation Award

HIWIN encourages young scholars from both sides of the Taiwan Strait and around the world to participate in research and innovative applications in the field of mechanical engineering and automation. Our objective is to cultivate talented individuals in mechanical engineering who possess core competencies,foster collaboration between the business and academic sectors, promote technological advancement and innovation, and elevate the global standing of the Chinese mechanical industry. Since 2011, HIWIN has allocated an annual budget of approximately US$651.3 thousand for the HIWIN Doctoral Dissertation Award, which is organized by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES) in Beijing. In the first twelve editions, we have received a total of 1,487 submissions, with 297 winning entries and 669 students and professors receiving awards.

Hand in Hand, Developing Smart Manufacturing Talent

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” HIWIN collaborates with schools and businesses from different regions through alliances, working together to integrate resources and cultivate talents for smart manufacturing. This initiative establishes a strong foundation for interdisciplinary talents in the mechanical field and enhances the industry's competitiveness.

(1) Leading the Promotion of Automation Engineer and Robotics Engineer Certification Examinations

HIWIN makes significant efforts to align learning with industry demands and ensure that talent is recognized based on their capabilities. We invest both funds and human resources to integrate the strengths of academia and industry, collaborating with the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA) to organize the Automation Engineer certification exam. This initiative involves the participation of approximately 500 faculty members from mechanical-related universities and top colleges nationwide, who contribute to question setting and review. Since the certification's preparation period in 2006, HIWIN has been actively involved in building the question bank, and from 2009 onwards, our planning team has provided ongoing support for campus promotion and the production of promotional materials. This effort continues to this day. As of 2022, we have successfully conducted 26 sessions of the Automation Engineer certification exam and 12 sessions of the Robotics Engineer certification exam (held between 2016 and 2022). A total of 38,083 individuals have registered for these exams, resulting in the awarding of 11,916 certificates.

(2) Full Support for the Taiwan Robotics Industry-Academia Alliance

In August 2020, HIWIN took the initiative to support the establishment of the Taiwan Robotics Industry-Academia Alliance by TAIROA, with the aim of promoting the development of Taiwan's robotics industry. This alliance, comprising 103 members, including nine accredited examination venues and training bases, is dedicated to nurturing talent in intelligent automation. HIWIN has sponsored a total of 78 robots, valued at over US$976.9 thousand, by the end of 2022.

(3) Sponsorship of the Taiwan Society of Precision Engineering (TSPE) Thesis and Paper Awards

The annual conference of the Taiwan Society of Precision Engineering (TSPE) was held in Taichung in 2022. HIWIN sponsored US$58.6 thousand and collaborated with the National Chin-Yi University of Technology(NCUT) to support the TSPE in organizing the 2022 Thesis and Paper Awards event. The competition for 2022 featured three trending topics: “New Energy and Zero Carbon Emissions,” “Robot Development and Application Technology,”and“Advanced Technologies in Semiconductors, Biotechnology,Medical, and New Materials.” The number ofentries for the 2022 competition reached a record high, with 109 submissions, including 33 from colleges and 76 research papers.

(4) Leading Academic Partners to Challenge New Categories in National Skills Competition

In the 2022 National Skills Competition organized by the Ministry of Labor,a new category called “Robot System Integration” was introduced. This category aimed to simulate an automated production line environment and required participants to showcase their skills in system integration using a six-axis industrial robot and peripheral equipment. The technical requirements and equipment for this category were similar to those used in the HIWIN Smart Robotics Contest, which is hosted by HIWIN. This addition also aligned with HIWIN's educational foundation's mission to foster talent in the precision machinery field. As a result, HIWIN aims to encourage academic partners to embrace the challenge of this new category in the national skills competition. This will provide young students with the opportunity to participate in a contest at the national level and offer teachers and students firsthand training opportunities from the industry.

(5) Sponsoring High School Mechanical Camps

HIWIN sponsored mechanical camps organized by prestigious universities, including National Taiwan University, National Chung Hsing University, Tamkang University, and National Chung Cheng University, in order to promote the participation of high school students in the precision machinery field and enhance their understanding of mechanical engineering. These camps provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge on mechanicalrelated subjects and foster a sense of teamwork through carefully designed courses and activities.Additionally, students gain valuable insights into the wide-ranging practical applications of mechanical engineering in everyday life, as well as its integration with artificial intelligence trends. By engaging in these camp activities, HIWIN aims to ignite the interest of young students in the machinery field.

(6) HIWIN Scholarships

Since 2012, HIWIN has implemented the HIWIN Scholarship program at Dalian University of Technology, granting selected students a scholarship of RMB 6,000 each. The primary objective is to incentivize students who possess a strong professional foundation and demonstrate innovative thinking. In 2014, the HIWIN Elite Student Scholarship was introduced to recognize exceptionally outstanding students. Recipients of this scholarship are awarded a bonus of RMB$10,000 and RMB$30,000 for training expenses related to international exchange visits. Starting from 2017, the scholarship program was also extended to Xi􏘧an Jiaotong University. In 2022, a total of 60 students were awarded the HIWIN Scholarship, bringing the cumulative number of awardees to 480. Additionally, 20 students received the HIWIN Elite Student Scholarship in 2022, making the total number of awardees 150.

Contributing to Building a Learning Society

HIWIN is actively involved in supporting underprivileged and rural education through the initiation of innovative educational programs and sponsorship of activities that promote a positive learning environment. The Company is dedicated to contributing to the development of a society that prioritizes education.

(1) The Alliance Cultural Foundation + Jiunyi School of Innovation

HIWIN sponsors an annual funding of US$65.1 thousand to support The Alliance Cultural Foundation, led by Chairman Stanley C.S. Yen.The foundation's primary mission is to establish an integrated resource platform for cultivating future talents in the Hualien and Taitung regions.It aims to encourage young people to leverage the local advantages and showcase the area's charm. The roles played by The Alliance Cultural Foundation include deepening artistic and cultural roots, implementing educational programs,assisting the tourism industry, conducting resource integration projects, and supporting the sustainability of the Jiunyi School of Innovation.

Jiunyi School of Innovation places indigenous peoples􏘧 culture and the ecology of nature at the core of its inspired teaching. Its educational philosophy emphasizes international bilingualism and character development, nurturing confident and criticalthinking talents with a global perspective.

(2) Long-term Sponsorship of Taichung Huei-Ming School for Blind Children

HIWIN provides an annual sponsorship of US$32.6 thousand to support the educational assistance program at the Taichung Huei-Ming School for Blind Children. This sponsorship enables the school to implement a balanced and adaptive learning development for students, while also promoting the concept of safe and barrier-free campuses, professional growth for teachers, and inclusive community-school integration.

(3) Tsing Hua University's Rising Sun Project

Since 2013, Tsing Hua University has implemented the Rising Sun Project,which aims to support students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds who have limited access to educational resources but demonstrate potential and a commitment to excellence. The project seeks to offer these exceptional students the opportunity to pursue a university education. From 2015 to 2018, HIWIN sponsored the project with an annual donation of US$32.6 thousand. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, scholarship contributions decreased. In response,HIWIN has now reinstated the sponsorship program and provided US$32.6 thousand in 2022 to assist financially challenged and exceptional students in pursuing higher education without financial concerns.

(4) Boyo Social Welfare Foundation

Professor Jia Tong Lee, the founder and honorary chairman of the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation, has long been concerned about Taiwan's severe educational disparities. He noticed that most children from underprivileged families often struggle academically, leading to a lack of competitiveness in their adulthood, exacerbating the issue of wealth inequality in the country.Since 2015, HIWIN has been sponsoring US$16.3 thousand annually to support Boyo Social Welfare Foundation free remedial education to underprivileged children. The goal is to prevent them from falling into a cycle of perpetual poverty and offer personalized teaching to give these children a chance to start from scratch and acquire essential skills, thus enhancing their competitiveness.

(5) Plan of Study Well

In response to the Family Support Foundation's “Plan of Study Well,” HIWIN is pleased to support the initiative of providing brand-new desks and chairs to underprivileged children. Through HIWIN's compassionate support,these children are able to regain their confidence and experience the joy of learning, as they now have an enhanced home study environment. HIWIN has taken on the responsibility of adopting and sponsoring 40 sets of desks and chairs, thereby improving the learning conditions for underprivileged children in their homes.