Smart Manufacturing

HIWIN aims to be the leading partner in smart manufacturing. In line with the SDGs, HIWIN proactively incorporates sustainable production methods into its operations to address climate change. Additionally, various smart manufacturing initiatives are being implemented across our factories. To establish a sustainable production model that enhances HIWIN’s product output per person and minimizes environmental impact, we have devised development strategies in six areas and three stages. These strategies are outlined below:

Moving forward, HIWIN team will expand the scope of smart manufacturing and leverage the mechanisms of the first and second stages of smart manufacturing. This will enable them to consistently receive production data and continuously strive for improvement. Through digital transformation in manufacturing, HIWIN can achieve efficient and sustainable production and manufacturing practices. By employing brand strategy, innovative design, and smart manufacturing techniques, HIWIN can maintain its corporate competitiveness. This has resulted in an increase in output value per capita from US$180.1 thousand in 2019 to US$213.3 thousand in 2021, with an annual growth rate of 7%. In 2022, due to economic recovery, HIWIN aims to achieve US$240.3 thousand. Looking ahead to 2023, the Company aims to reach a production value per capita of US$241 thousand, aligning with long-term development trends. In response to the growing importance of corporate sustainability and ESG, HIWIN has developed a unique smart production model that prioritizes both efficiency and sustainable competitiveness.