Brand Values

The brand name HIWIN is derived from ” Hi-tech Winner. ” The purpose of the HIWIN brand is that by choosing our precision motion products, customers can enhance their products’ added value, quality, and performance, enabling them to become ” Hi-tech winners. ” The name reflects our objective: HIWIN aims to become a ” winner ” in technological advancement and to upgrade the industries to have competitiveness in the global market.

Brand Development and Management

HIWIN Technologies Corp uses its own brand to do marketing globally. Until 2022, HIWIN has obtained trademark registration in 85 developed countries, including the U.S., Japan, and Europe. Additionally, HIWIN’s trademarks are currently pending in three more countries. Our product line encompasses ballscrews, linear guideways, bearings, strain wave gear, torque motor rotary tables, and industrial robots. The HIWIN brand boasts a 100% utilization rate. (Note)

Note:“ 100% utilization rate ” means that all products are manufactured and sold in-house, without contract manufacturing or ODM practices.

Brand Development Strategies

(1) Start from proceeding the Company’s mission, to implement ESG and optimize the brand image.

(2) Continue to innovate in research and development, as well as to integrate and market the mechatronic products, smart automated equipment, and system services to develop high-value-added products.

(3) Develop and manage a diverse range of products under the brand name HIWIN, while also applying core technologies to emerging sectors like healthcare and energy.

(4) The HIWIN brand is accessible through global sales channels, allowing us to promptly address market demands, offer pre- and after-sales services, and provide Total Solutions that generate value for our customers.

Brand Development Investments

President Enid H.C. Tsai oversees HIWIN branding initiatives. The Planning Team, operating under the Chairman’s office, works in collaboration with the Business Department and other units to promote and justify these initiatives. Funding for these endeavors is allocated at a rate of 1-2% of HIWIN’s annual revenue, although this may vary depending on international and economic conditions in a given year.

Investments in Brand Development in 2019-2022


  • 1. Ratio (Investments in brand development/Total revenue)
  • 2. In 2020, the HIWIN brand significantly reduced international business trips and participation in trade fairs worldwide in order to safeguard employees during the global pandemic. onsequently, trade fair expenses, travel expenses, and consequently, brand development expenses, decreased significantly.
  • 3. In 2021, with the easing of the pandemic, the HIWIN brand was able to allocate more resources to brand development compared to 2020. Despite the increase in revenue, the percentage still experienced a decline.
  • 4. In 2022, as the pandemic gradually subsided and global economies reopened, there was a notable increase in investment towards brand development. This increase in investment has correspondingly led to a rise in the percentage of brand development expenditures.

The HIWIN brand has gained a formidable reputation and is now the leading brand globally for motion control and system technology.

HIWIN has long investment in marketing the HIWIN brand, through means such as:

(1) Investing significant marketing funding in web portals, professional technology forums, technology columns, professional journals, and digital media marketing in Taiwan and beyond to globally.
Note: Global Website www.hiwin.tw

(2) Placing long-term HIWIN ads at Taiwan Taoyuan Airport, Germany Offenburg Station and Stuttgart Airport, Japan Shinkansen stations, Italy Milan Metro stations, and China Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway.

(3) Placing ads at international fairs such as the 2022 BIMU in Italy and the JIMTOF in Japan, highlighting HIWIN’s integrated mechatronic Total Solution services and products marketing, thereby increasing brand exposure.