Community Care

HIWIN actively participates in community care initiatives in the areas where the Company operates. By leveraging corporate resources and the dedication of HIWIN volunteers, we strive to make meaningful contributions to society.

HIWIN Volunteer Team Services

The HIWIN Education Foundation established the HIWIN Volunteer Team in June 2012, with a primary focus on education and community services. The objective is to provide internal care and support services to Company employees, while also engaging in external educational and social public services. This aligns with the Company's vision of enhancing human welfare and addressing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, thereby making a positive contribution to society.

(1) Volunteer Star

Ms. Shu Ying Chen, a member of the HIWIN Volunteer Team, actively and enthusiastically participates in volunteer services. In addition to engaging in various volunteer activities organized by the HIWIN Volunteer Team, Shu-Ying also dedicates her time to participating in external volunteer initiatives. She translates her passion for service into concrete actions, spreading love and warmth to those in need. HIWIN recommended Ms.Chen Shu-Ying to participate in the selection process for the “Volunteer Star” event organized by the Taichung City Government Social Affairs Bureau, and she was honored to be chosen for this recognition.

(2) Long-term stationed volunteer service

The HIWIN volunteer team offers ongoing assistance by being stationed at the institution for extended periods of time. They provide support in various tasks and interact with the children. The primary services they provide include organizing invoices, accompanying the children, sorting and shelving second-hand goods, and maintaining cleanliness in the environment.

(3) Educational Volunteer Service

Since 2016, the HIWIN volunteer team has been engaged in educational volunteer activities, providing assistance to children from social welfare organizations in close proximity to the HIWIN Factories. The team aims to empower children from underprivileged backgrounds within the local community, as well as those from disadvantaged families, by offering them opportunities to broaden their horizons and foster boundless imagination for the future through enjoyable experiences and hands-on accomplishments. In 2022, a total of ten sessions were initially scheduled, but unfortunately had to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

① Baking Activities
The baking activities are designed to engage children from disadvantaged backgrounds or families. Volunteers assist the children in baking cookies or cakes, providing them with a handson experience of the joy of baking through group activities. Additionally, the children have the opportunity to share the cookies and cakes with their families or friends. By participating in these activities, disadvantaged families come together and interact, fostering stronger parent-child relationships.

② Farming Education
The HIWIN volunteer team accompanies children on nature excursions, where they visit organic farms and participate in hands-on activities to learn about the planting, growing, and harvesting of crops. These experiences help them appreciate the effort required to produce food and encourage them to value and avoid wasting it. Additionally, they develop an understanding of food safety and foster stronger parent-child relationships through their involvement.

③ Toy Museum
The volunteer team at the Taiwan Toy Museum showcases a collection of toys, allowing participants to rediscover the cultural significance embedded in Taiwanese toys. This promotes the wisdom and creativity of past generations among people of all ages. By providing hands-on experiences and guided explanations, both older individuals and children can experience the sheer delight of play.

④ Handicraft Workshop
Children bring their vivid imaginations to life through engaging in handicraft activities. This process of exploration, problem-solving, and self-directed learning cultivates a consistent attitude towards learning and a strong sense of responsibility. In addition to creating handcrafted art pieces, children also experience a profound sense of achievement.

⑤ Environmental Education
Children gain awareness and appreciation of pertinent issues through environmental education. Additionally, education enables children to engage with their surroundings and cultivate proper values, as well as acquire the ethics, knowledge, and attitudes essential for safeguarding and enhancing the environment. Moreover, education fosters children's concern for the environment and contributes to the attainment of sustainable education objectives.

(4) Community Care and Social Inclusion

The volunteer team works together with local community social welfare organizations to assist and offer employment and vocational training opportunities to marginalized groups.

① Dumplings with love
The Company􏘧s monthly special meal features handmade dumplings prepared by children from the Shih Fan Disabled Center. This initiative aims to combine volunteer activities with dining among colleagues, supporting underprivileged children and boosting the income of social welfare organizations. However, due to the severity of the pandemic in 2022, the regular meal service has been temporarily suspended and replaced with bento meals.

② Mooncake Collaboration
The Welfare Commission annually collaborates with social welfare organizationsto produce mooncakes. This year, the Welfare Commission collaborated with four organizations: the Taichung Welfare Promotion Association for Disabled, the Taichung Sound Bright Association, the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, and the Down Syndrome Foundation R.O.C. Together, they produced a total of 3,901 boxes of Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes. This initiative not only provides employment and vocational training opportunities for disadvantaged groups, but also contributes to social stability.

(5) Donations with Love/Sales and Material Fundraising

① Through a charity sale event, the children at the orphanage received warmth on Children’s Day and helped prevent hunger among other children. The event also promoted the sale of handmade crafts to generate additional income. In 2022, a total donation amount of US$1,470 was raised. Additionally, in collaboration with Taichung Huei-Ming School for Blind Children, a charity sale of ceramic art raised a total of US$1,814.

② Employees within the Company donated a total of US$292 to Yixin Orphanage, Hsiang Shang Society Welfare Foundation, Maria Social Welfare Foundation, and Shih Fan Disabled Center. Additionally, they offered assistance to the families of seriously ill colleagues, amounting to US$27,060.

③ Material donations were made to Yixin Orphanage, Shih Fan Disabled Center, and Maria Social Welfare Foundation, totaling 2,541 items. Additionally, one box of supplies was donated to Yixin Orphanage. Second-hand material donations included 2,008 pieces of clothing to Eden Social Welfare Foundation and 46 toys to Taiwan Toy Library Association.

④ Charity invoice donations: The HIWIN volunteer team established a charity invoice collection box within the Company, through which they regularly contributed the collected invoices and cash to social welfare organizations. In total, they donated 790 invoices and US$21 in cash.

Community Care

(1) Donation of Hygiene System to Maria Wufeng Caring Home, Taichung City

In 2022, the HIWIN donation team developed a Hygiene System and donated it to Maria Wufeng Caring Home in Taichung City. The system incorporates HIWIN's self-made transmission components, which facilitate the movement of individuals with physical challenges between the bedroom and bathroom. Additionally, it can adjust the height of the bathtub to a suitable level for caregivers, reducing the risk of occupational injuries caused by lifting and bending. Furthermore, the system offers water therapy SPA courses.

This Hygiene System is designed to assist individuals with severe and extremely severe physical and mental disabilities. It promotes blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and provides a soothing experience for both the body and mind during daily bathing. HIWIN demonstrates its commitment to supporting disadvantaged communities and caregivers through its technological expertise, dedicating efforts to social welfare services.

(2) Equipment Donation to Support Frontline Firefighters

The jurisdiction of the Taichung Chun She Fire Brigade is located near Dadu Mountain, an area prone to frequent forest fires. The presence of narrow roads and alleys poses challenges for rescue operations. In 2021, HIWIN generously donated motorcycles and wireless communication units, greatly enhancing the efficiency and safety of mountain rescues. In 2022, HIWIN continued their support by donating 4 MSA masks, four sets of respiratory valves, six backrests, and 14 symbiotic systems, all aimed at enhancing firefighter safety. Additionally, HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM contributed one pair of back-to-back digital wireless repeaters and four wireless radios to improve communication among firefighters during their duty.

(3) Donation of N95 Masks to Medical Institutions, Supporting Healthcare Workers

In 2022, Taiwan witnessed a significant increase in COVID-19 cases. Recognizing the heightened risk faced by healthcare workers due to their exposure to high-risk environments and close contact with the public, it has become imperative to provide them with enhanced protection in the form of N95 medical masks. This measure is crucial not only for safeguarding their health but also for ensuring the sustainability of Taiwan􏘧s medical capacity.

To support this cause, HIWIN has generously contributed US$35.2 thousand towards the procurement of 36,000 N95 medical masks. These masks have been distributed among six prominent hospitals in central Taiwan, namely Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, China Medical University Hospital, Taichung Hospital, Asia University Hospital, Chung Shan Medical University Hospital, and Taichung Veterans General Hospital.

(4) HIWIN GmbH(Germany) Donates € 80,000 to Assist Flood Victims in the Ahr Valley, Germany

On July 14, 2021, the western region of Germany was struck by devastating floods, resulting in multiple fatalities. The Ahr Valley, known for its picturesque countryside, was the hardest hit, with 134 lives lost and 11,500 residents affected. Werner Mäurer, President of HIWIN GmbH(Germany), expressed, “The loss of a home makes us appreciate its value.” In response, HIWIN GmbH(Germany) promptly provided support by donating € 200 per employee. With a workforce of 400 employees in Germany, the total donation amounted to € 80,000.