Customer Relations and Brand Management

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the fundamental obligation of business operations, and it serves as a potent marketing tool and communication medium. HIWIN has successfully achieved customer satisfaction through surveys, regular interactions, and exceptional pre-sales and after-sales services. This has not only propelled HIWIN’s continuous advancement but has also enhanced the competitiveness of our customers’ products in the global market.

(1) Implementation Methods

HIWIN provides customers with the highest quality services through excellent products, high-performance services, reasonable on-time delivery rates, and diversified product categories. Additionally, HIWIN assists customers in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics and specifications of our products. We collaborate with customers in developing end-user products and technologies, respond promptly to customer feedback, and carefully listen to and understand their needs. This approach enhances our R&D capabilities, manufacturing quality, and customer satisfaction.

To gauge customer satisfaction, HIWIN Headquarters leads the administration of annual questionnaires to key customers, subsidiaries, and distributors. These questionnaires are designed to gather customer feedback. Once collected, we engage in cross-department communication to propose improvement measures and regularly review the progress and results of these improvements.

(2) Cross-departmental Communication

The marketing team at HIWIN collects customer needs, suggestions, and feedback through various communication methods such as the official website, service hotline, business mailbox, and interactions between sales personnels and customers. They provide relevant departments with information through written reports and presentations, proposing new product development or improvements to existing products. Additionally, they hold regular quality management meetings to discuss areas for improvement in manufacturing processes.

The business department and the manufacturing department also have regular meetings through the production and sales coordination meeting. This allows them to promptly address customer delivery requirements and the status of materials preparation on the production lines. The production department facilitates two-way communication and provides real-time information to effectively control the production schedule. This ensures that product lead times are met, customer requirements are satisfied, and efficiency is enhanced throughout the supply chain.

(3) Market Communication

HIWIN is a globally recognized leader in motion control and system technology. Our products are sold worldwide under the HIWIN brand. The Company consists of several key teams: the Global Marketing Business Group, responsible for product sales and marketing; the Industrial Design Team and Planning Team, focused on corporate identity and branding; and the IP Team, dedicated to ensuring product designs comply with regulations and preventing the sale of prohibited or controversial items.

At HIWIN, we highly value customer feedback and suggestions. To facilitate this, we offer various communication channels for customers to provide their input. Additionally, we regularly visit customers, organize business meetings, and conduct satisfaction surveys to gather information and analyze areas for improvement. In these surveys, customers who indicate ” Very Satisfied ” or “ Satisfied ” are considered satisfied, while those who choose other options are considered unsatisfied. In such cases, we engage in discussions with customers to address any issues and continuously enhance our service satisfaction levels.

(4) Management Performance

① Outcomes of Customer Satisfaction Surveys
In 2022, HIWIN conducted a customer satisfaction survey that included key customers, subsidiaries, and distributors in Taiwan and overseas. A total of 187 questionnaires were distributed, and 163 were received, resulting in a response rate of 87%. The survey results for 2022 showed consistent improvement in production lead time, business services, and after-sales services compared to the years 2019 to 2021. This indicates that HIWIN has successfully met customers’ needs in terms of delivery management, product education and training, after-sales technical support, and comprehensive product consulting services. Furthermore, the quality of our products has improved compared to the past three years. Moving forward, we will continue to enhance quality and lead time through process refinement, aiming to provide even greater value and meet customers’ expectations.

② Improvement Measures

③ Specific Actions Taken by HIWIN

Short- and long-term targets
Based on the accomplishments of various enhancements and the customer satisfaction score in 2022, the target for the customer satisfaction score in 2023 is set at 86 points.

Product Quality

HIWIN adheres to the PDCA management cycle. Following our business philosophy of customer service and continuous improvement, we strategically manage the entire quality system, encompassing raw material procurement, product design, development, manufacturing, inspection, transportation, storage, pre-sales, mid-sales, and after-sales services. Internal audits are conducted to ensure the active involvement of all employees in achieving our goal of total quality management.

(1) Establishing a Culture of Quality

HIWIN places great emphasis on the Total Quality Management (TQM) model, implementing the quality system through annual internal quality audits and training programs. Our improvement efforts begin with the ” fundamental safety culture ” , followed by ” visual management “ and ” TPM activities ” to reduce equipment failure rates. Additionally, we establish an effective operation system through external audits. After implementing a system-oriented management approach, we promote ” TQM activities ” to enhance employee participation and construct a production management system with ” TPS activities ” at its core.

To address material topics and raise awareness of the quality system among customers and suppliers, we will ” carry out Quality Improvement Activities and Quality Control Circle Activities. “ We also utilize the 6σ (Six Sigma) DMAIC method, 7Tools, 8D (Eight Disciplines Problem Solving), and the PDCA cycle for continuous improvement. Our goal is to form the TQM quality management model in the minds of every employee and throughout the workflow.

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, HIWIN encourages all employees to submit improvement proposals to enhance the quality and efficiency of the Company. Additionally, we organize the annual QCC achievements presentation contest to actively promote quality and innovation among employees. Chairman & CEO Eddie W.H. Chuo personally evaluates the results of these improvement efforts, aiming to shape the quality of MIT and our branding paradigm.

HIWIN actively listens to customer feedback on product quality in our pursuit of continuous improvement. Any feedback regarding product quality from the annual customer satisfaction survey is carefully reviewed for improvement, and we ensure efficient tracking and response to our customers.

Year after year, HIWIN’s product quality satisfaction scores continue to improve, with a target score of 87 points set for 2023.

Customer Privacy

(1) Privacy Policy

To safeguard the privacy of our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, and website visitors, HIWIN has developed a privacy policy that adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act and the Information Security Policy.

To protect personal information, HIWIN employs multiple layers of encryption for its website registration data. Additionally, our website host is equipped with a firewall and anti-virus system. HIWIN has implemented internal procedures for confidential document control (TIPS) to ensure that all information, regardless of its format, necessary for maintaining the confidentiality of the Company’s operational data or documents held by external organizations (such as public agencies, schools, and corporate bodies), is covered by this privacy policy.

(2) Unless authorized or legally required, HIWIN strictly prohibits the disclosure or use of customer privacy and proprietary customer information in any situation.

(3) To prevent any leaks of proprietary information resulting from employee behavior, all HIWIN employees are required to sign a ” Declaration to Protect Trade Secrets ” and a ” Non-Disclosure Agreement. ” In order to safeguard customer interests and prevent unauthorized disclosure of customer information, HIWIN has implemented stringent measures to protect customer data. We emphasize the importance of safeguarding customer information and proprietary data, and have implemented an access system based on authorized permissions. Additionally, we have engaged an independent auditor to conduct internal audits, further enhancing our control and management of customer privacy and trade secrets.

(4) HIWIN has established an Information Security Committee, consisting of supervisors from each unit at the managerial level. This committee holds an annual meeting to discuss and establish information security protocols. The Information Department is responsible for developing and enhancing regulations related to network security, the use of Company email, and reporting violations. Additionally, they actively promote the certification of the ISO 27001:2013 information security management system. To enhance employees’ understanding of occupational ethics and information security, we regularly organize training sessions and conduct phishing email tests to evaluate their awareness of information security protection.

Note: For information on security policies, please refer to Chapter 3.5, Information Security.

(5) Training

① The TIPS system has been implemented for the management and control of confidential documents. Furthermore, we have organized an IP course for new employees and conducted annual training for all employees. A total of 131 employees participated in the training sessions in 2022.

② Infringement cases study are included in the new employee training program. Additionally, product patent infringement case study are held annually for new R&D personnel.

(6) Privacy Leakage Handling Process

(7) Privacy Leakages & Disciplinary Actions