Employee Diversity and Inclusion

Employee Composition and Diversity

As of the end of 2022, HIWIN's workforce in Taiwan totaled 4,714employees. The majority of employees are between the ages of 30 and 50,with a significant number of managers falling within this age range. Theworkforce can be categorized by employment type, with 4,709 individuals(99.9%) classified as regular employees, including 449 industry students.The remaining 5 individuals (0.1%) are considered non-regular employees, such as research grant awardees and part-time staff. In addition, there are 13 outsourced security personnel and 26 outsourced cleaning personnel who are not HIWIN employees. It is important to note that HIWIN does not employ dispatch workers.

Deep-rooted Culture, Promotion of Local Talent

HIWIN originated in Taichung, Taiwan, and has since expanded its global presence. The Company has successfully established subsidiaries and affiliates in multiple countries, including Japan, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy, South Korea, Singapore,China, and other locations. This strategic expansion allows HIWIN to actively contribute to local economies and gain valuable insights into localrequirements. Moreover, HIWIN demonstrates its dedication to global integration by engaging local talent as collaborative partners in its subsidiaries and affiliates, thereby effectively harnessing global resources.

Respect and Equality

HIWIN upholds the principles of gender equality, treating all individuals impartially, irrespective of their gender, religion, race, nationality, or political affiliation. The Company also values diverse professional talents and ensures a fair and uniform salary structure, accompanied by a range of benefits.

(1) Hiring People with Disability & Disadvantages

In 2022, HIWIN employed a total of 40 employees with disabilities and 25 indigenous individuals. HIWIN's commitment to diverse employment is an integral part of its sustainable strategy. The Company strictly adheres to government regulations regarding the employment of individuals with disabilities, following a quota system. Furthermore, HIWIN values and respects the distinct cultures of ethnic minorities, providing employees of indigenous identity with an annual “festival holiday.” It is worth noting that in 2022, there were no reported instances of discrimination within the organization.

(2) Cultural Integration, Friendly and Caring

To support the adjustment of our foreign employees to both work and life in Taiwan, HIWIN has developed a handbook entitled “Foreign Employee's Living Guide.” Furthermore, we conduct individual care interviews with our foreign colleagues to better understand their living needs and provide them with information on relevant regulations. Additionally, we offer the opportunity for foreign colleagues to reside in our Companybuilt dormitories, which boast facilities and environments comparable to those of five-star dormitories. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable living experience, we have dedicated dormitory management personnel in place. Our foreign colleagues greatly appreciate the welcoming dormitory environment and often share their positive experiences with family and friends in their home countries through social media, thereby encouraging others to join HIWIN, a reputable and high-quality enterprise.

(3) Women in Tech

From its inception, HIWIN has placed great emphasis on embracing diversity and fostering innovative thinking. In addition to encouraging engineering talents to enter the field of smart machinery, the Company also envisions the involvement of the new generation in interdisciplinary learning. Global Chairman Eric Y. T. Chuo, the founder, firmly believes that women possess resilient and delicate qualities that can contribute to inspiring more innovative thinking and adopting softer management approaches in the field of smart machinery. Currently, HIWIN actively recruits female employees with expertise in research and development and technical fields. As of 2022, women comprise 16% of the entire workforce in the Company.

Furthermore, HIWIN is dedicated to creating a workplace that promotes respect and harmony. The Company implements various high-quality and employeefriendly initiatives, such as providing designated parking spaces for pregnant employees, establishing lactation rooms, and conducting sexual harassment prevention courses. The proportion of female engineers in research and development at HIWIN has been increasing each year. As of 2022, female engineers in research and development accounted for 14.8% of the total. The Company aims to surpass a 15% representation of female engineers in research and development by 2030.

HIWIN treats its employees with fairness and objectivity, providing equal opportunities and resources to female colleagues and offering them the same development platforms as their counterparts. In 2022, there were 81 female colleagues in managerial positions at HIWIN.Over the past four years, female employees in managerial roles accounted for 10.9% of the total female workforce. The Company aspires to drive the machinery industry to create more opportunities for women's development and increase the number of women contributing to the industry, ultimately enhancing the industry's overall value.