We market our products globally under our own brand, HIWIN. As a leading brand in motion control and system technology, we specialize in researching and developing high-precision, efficient, and environmentally friendly key components, subsystems and systems. Our vision is to be the ” Best Partner of Smart Manufacturing, ” delivering increased values to our customers through HIWIN’s integrated mechatronic products and the unique advantage of real-time global service. We are also committed to ESG sustainable development, actively working to enhance our own competitiveness and drive innovation and transformation within the mechanical industry.

Basic Information

▪ HIWIN's Chinese name was inspired by Lao Tzu’s saying that the greatest virtue has the characteristics of water

We have adopted this as a guideline for our management philosophies.

Water is responsible for nourishing all living beings on the planet, making it a highly valuable resource. Similarly, corporate leaders have the duty to ensure the well-being of their employees and their families, promote industrial development, and contribute to their societies and countries.

Management Philosophy

Our objective is to integrate global resources in order to foster continuous innovation, improve quality of life, create a better working environment, and achieve sustainable operations. We will accomplish this through the application of professional excellence, working enthusiasm, and a strong commitment to enterprise ethics and responsibility.

Our mission, since inception, has been to enhance the quality of life and create a more conducive working environment for humanity. Furthermore, our management team’s business philosophy is founded on four key principles: prioritizing employees, satisfying shareholders, fostering long-term growth, and upholding corporate social responsibility.

Service Philosophy

HIWIN is breaking away from traditional machinery thinking by applying core technologies to various industries. These industries include optoelectronic semiconductors, transportation, intelligent automation, life sciences, energy conservation, environmental protection, and medical & welfare. Our commitment to providing a better way of life for mankind has led us to establish an industry benchmark for high-speed, high-precision, composite, and eco-friendly products. HIWIN is dedicated to becoming a global leading brand in Motion Control & System Technology, and to delivering Total Solution services to our customers.

With the expansion of HIWIN’s motion control and system products, we are now able to provide machine design services, smart automatic production line planning, and other smart manufacturing capabilities. These offerings are made possible through our pre-sale design collaboration with major global manufacturers.

Main Products & Services

HIWIN is a dedicated researcher, developer, and manufacturer of key components for linear motion products. Our self-owned brand, HIWIN, is marketing globally. Our main products include ballscrews, linear guideways, industrial robots, wafer robots, torque motor rotary tables, bearings, strain wave gear, and medical robots. These products are primarily used in industries such as machine tools, industrial machinery, automation, semiconductor, optoelectronics, LED, new energy, 3C electronics, and medical equipment. Established in 1989, HIWIN has consistently invested in innovation, including production development, manufacturing processes, equipment, production capacities, sales channels, services, and talent cultivation. HIWIN expects itself to be a global leading brand in motion control and system technology.

▪Main Products & Services

HIWIN employs a differentiated approach and offers tailored services to deliver added value to our customers.

① Win-win Collaborative Design

  • Our collaboration with customers in designing synergistic solutions has revolutionized our approach, shifting from a passive order-taking model to an interactive and transparent pre-sales service. This transformation has significantly expedited the introduction of our customers’ new products to the market.

② Continuous Innovation & Manufacturing Services

  • By conducting in-house research and development, collaborating with academia and industry, and acquiring essential technologies, HIWIN has successfully expanded its production lines. As a result, we are able to offer a wide range of high-quality linear motion products and smart automation services to our valued customers.
  • We have embraced the era of smart automation, which has allowed us to create an optimal workplace for industrial manufacturing and medical workers through the implementation of comprehensive robotic production lines.

③ Helping Customers Achieve Smart Manufacturing

  • Taiwan has an export-oriented economy, meaning that economic growth primarily relies on exports. In line with this, HIWIN has partnered with industrial customers in Taiwan to advance smart manufacturing and smart factories, aiming to forge a new direction for the country’s industries.
  • HIWIN has maintained its investment in the smart automation market, specifically focusing on factories. We will remain dedicated to collaborating closely with our customers to enhance their competitiveness within their respective industries.

④ Maintaining Customer Relations

  • HIWIN consistently meets customer needs for high-quality products through continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.
  • In order to enhance customer relations and improve service quality, HIWIN has successfully established subsidiaries and sub-subsidiaries both in Taiwan and worldwide. As of 2022, HIWIN boasts a network of subsidiaries, sub-subsidiaries, and laboratories spanning across more than 13 countries, with over 300 sales distribution locations globally.

⑤ Updating Website Interfaces to Align with User Preference

  • HIWIN has continued to enhance the user interface of our Company website, focusing on providing customers with a more intuitive and efficient browsing experience for our products.

HIWIN’s Critical Role in the Industry Chain

Global Layout

HIWIN has service locations in all major industrialized nations worldwide, as well as subsidiaries, sub-subsidiaries, and R&D centers in advanced countries. Currently, we have a presence in 13 countries, including Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Israel, South Korea, Singapore, Italy, China, France, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, we have over 300 distributions globally, strategically positioned to be in close proximity to our customers and offer customers services. Please refer to the right side for a list of our main service bases.