Creative Collaboration

In 2022, HIWIN actively participated in cross-disciplinary and creative collaborative events, which helped to enhance Taiwan's soft power and increase its global visibility. The Company invested a total of US$194,390 in these initiatives.

Artistic Transformation of Robot

HIWIN's robots have consistently collaborated with the art field, yielding remarkable outcomes. In an invitation extended by the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, they presented their collaboration with the C-LAB Future Vision Lab and artist Hsien Yu Cheng in the exhibition titled “Gaia: Gene, Algorithms, Intelligent Design, and Automata_A Mirage self, The Other Realm.” This exhibition explored Conway's “Game of Life” through the utilization of AI and robot, reimagining evolution and life, and delving into the boundless possibilities of synergy between machinery control and technological art. By employing robot to draw on glass, they repeatedly generated patterns that symbolize the evolution of the game of life, only to subsequently erase the completed cellular marks. The audience bore witness to the precision of the robot and observed the emotionless digital existence governed by the algorithm's rules, as they painted records of birth and eradicated traces of death, engaging in the relentless game of life.

“Her, You, and Her Love” (Can an App be Considered Art?)

Artist Shuo Yin Chang explores the relationship between humans and technology through various art forms. He has developed a mobile game called “Her, You, and Her Love” that serves as a means to transition players from online interactions to offline physical exhibitions. One month after the game app's launch, the female protagonist in the story invited players to meet and negotiate, thereby revealing the game's ultimate conclusion. Guided by the game, players attended the “Rest - QK”exhibition, which utilized HIWIN robot, 3D projection technology, and interactive chips. By seamlessly integrating online and offline, virtual and physical spaces, the exhibition provided an immersive experience and delivered a distinctive viewing opportunity for visitors.

Future Vision Lab Re-Generative::moving()

HIWIN partnered with the Future Vision Lab to explore the convergence of culture, art, and technology, creating a platform for the exchange of technological products and techniques. The Re-Generative::moving() project, led by the Future Vision Lab, facilitated experimental collaborations between artists and HIWIN's technology.

The exhibition focused on interactive physicality and sound experiences, incorporating real-time algorithmic concepts into the performance. By combining the precise movements of the robot with other media and frontend connections, dynamic parameters were able to generate continuous changes through algorithms. Various algorithms were explored to provide audiences with an everevolving sensory experience. Through interdisciplinary collaborations made possible by the Future Vision Lab, the exhibition showcased the seamless integration of hardware and software expertise, while stimulating the audience's sensory perception with visual and auditory impacts.

Trash Kitchen - Sustainable Recycling Experience

Trash Kitchen, established by MINIWIZ Sustainable Energy Development, offers an engaging approach to promoting sustainability through recycling. In collaboration with local businesses, designers, and the public, this project provides a comprehensive and user-friendly recycling experience, showcasing the next steps in the recycling process. By transforming disposable waste into sustainable materials for products, consumers are empowered to become producers, fostering participation in the circular economy and promoting zero waste through low-carbon actions.

At the heart of the Trash Kitchen is the integration of HIWIN's RA610 robot and XEG series electric gripper with the miniTRASHPRESSO, a recycling device developed by MINIWIZ Sustainable Energy Development. This automated machinery assists individuals in completing repetitive and high-risk tasks, effectively demonstrating the circular remanufacturing process through an automated exhibit. The primary objective of this project is to inspire everyone to contribute to environmental protection.

“Robear Twins” Installation Art Work

In 2014, HIWIN collaborated with the Taichung City Government to construct the “Robear Twins” installation art work. HIWIN and HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM self-made key components for the installation. The larger bear's hands were equipped with articulated robot, allowing for delicate movements like waving, gesturing, and patting. The smaller bear, with the help of ballscrews, linear guideways, precision linear modules, and servo motors, can rotate and dance. In 2021, HIWIN took the initiative to adopt and refurbish the “Robear Twins,” giving them different interactive poses daily and having them participate in various celebrations with employees during festivals. This installation art is currently located next to the Precision Machinery and Technology Innovation Park Service Center in Taichung, symbolizing the technological innovation achievements of the precision park.

Ecological Education Documentary - “We Love Living Here”

In January 2021, the HIWIN Education Foundation commissioned Swarovski Optik Taiwan, a group of bird photography experts from Yunlin, to conduct a two-year ecological survey of the bird species in the old tree area at HIWIN's Yunlin factory. Through thorough research, the team identified 36 bird species actively present in the old tree area and 72 species within a one-kilometer radius of the factory. Commonly observed species include sparrows, mynas, bulbuls, green-backed tits, red turtle doves, and crested serpent eagles.

Directed by Yu Shu Liu and produced by Hytree Studio, this documentary takes a lighthearted and engaging approach to showcase the coexistence of birds and employees within the factory area. It cleverly incorporates animated bird scenes to capture the attention of both adults and children, fostering the concept of ecological conservation from its inception. “We Love Living Here” not only aims to encourage harmonious coexistence between the staff at HIWIN's Yunlin factory and the natural ecology of the factory area, but also serves as educational material for schools, intending to cultivate a deeper understanding of ecological conservation and environmental sustainability on campuses.