Industry-academia Cooperation

Since 2011, HIWIN has been actively involved in several industry-academia cooperation programs initiated by the government. Our objective is to nurture and educate students, promoting the seamless integration of theoretical knowledge and practical application.This approach enables us to develop skilled individuals with professional expertise and a strong theoretical foundation, who will serve as the next generation of leaders.

Exploring Smart Manufacturing, Envisioning the Future

Embark on a journey to explore the sustainable future of smart manufacturing with a visit to HIWIN! Since its establishment, HIWIN has been globally marketing its products under its brand, consistently innovating with an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) mindset, and developing components, systems, and comprehensive machine services. Customized product tours and interactive activities annually inspire students and industry groups to visit the factory. These visits not only showcase HIWIN's research capabilities and innovative applications but also challenge preconceived notions of the mechanical industry, enabling visitors to anticipate future advancements in the field.

Creating Interdisciplinary Learning Environment

(1) Guiding Students in Exploring Industrial Knowledge

HIWIN prioritizes knowledge sharing and is committed to guiding students in understanding the smart mechanical industry. We provide customized curriculum materials and classroom activities that cater to various educational levels, including high school, vocational school, and university. Our research and development executives and engineers visit campuses to share product knowledge and industry trends, enriching students with mechanical-related knowledge and inspiring their career development exploration.

(2) Core Industrial Skills Class at National Formosa University of Science and Technology

In order to align with future industrial development trends, HIWIN focuses on cultivating talent in the engineering field. Vocational college students are provided with a well-structured curriculum that covers a wide range of product knowledge, including critical components, robots, and strain wave gears. This integration of theoretical concepts with practical industry applications not only validates their learning

☑️ Total lecture hours: 22 hours, with 322 participants

☑️ 12 students chose to participate in internships.

(3) Industry Practice Lectures in Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

The industry practice lectures at HIWIN guide students with language expertise to explore the unfamiliar field of mechanics. These lectures provide efficiently understandable teaching courses, helping students realize that seemingly unfamiliar key components are actually applied in various aspects of daily life, such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment. Through interdisciplinary learning, students accumulate professional knowledge, deepen and broaden their language foundation, and facilitate future internships at the Company.

☑️ Total lecture hours: 17 hours, with 170 participants

☑️ 7 students are currently interning at HIWIN.

Supporting the Adaptive Development of Industry-Academia Students

HIWIN has actively promoted industry-academia cooperation for over a decade. Each year, we prioritize selecting underprivileged students for educational opportunities through these collaborative programs. For these students, this becomes a pivotal moment as they acquire academic qualifications and gain access to career prospects. Whether they are enrolled as students or interns, they receive the same salary and benefits as regular employees, which not only improves their family's economic situation but also provides stability for their loved ones.

Throughout their time as industry-academia students, they are guided by supervisors, mentors, and HR professionals. They receive support in developing job-specific skills, personal growth, and overall well-being. HIWIN's industry-academia students are not restricted by age or qualifications; instead, their advancement opportunities are based on their abilities, performance, and efforts. Over the years, these students have grown from small saplings to become the backbone of our Company, assuming key positions in various departments. Within five years after graduation, they have achieved significant success, establishing their families and finding fulfillment in life. They stand alongside us, dedicating themselves to nurturing the next generation of students, passing on their knowledge and commitment.

☑️ Cultivated 1,788 talented students

☑️ 61 university graduates have continued their postgraduate studies

Driving Medical Engineering with Mechanical Expertise

The HIWIN-CMU Joint Research Center, established by HIWIN Corp. and China Medical University (CMU), is dedicated to conducting research in healthcare, advancing technology development, exploring interdisciplinary applications, and nurturing high-level talents in medical engineering. Since 2015, an annual investment of US$325.6 thousand has been made to synergize industry and university expertise, propelling Taiwan's medical engineering to new milestones.

In 2022, four clinical cooperation projects were undertaken, focusing on the development and clinical validation of surgical robots and rehabilitation robots. Through product clinical validation and usage, valuable improvement suggestions were gathered, leading to the research and development of innovative automated technologies that address unmet clinical needs. For instance, the second-generation interactive lower limb rehabilitation training machine underwent feasibility and usability testing in collaboration with several physical therapists and patients at the affiliated hospital of China Medical University. By engaging in practice sessions and performing critical tasks, the safety and user-friendliness of the product were enhanced, resulting in improved rehabilitation efficiency for patients from diverse groups. Feedback from therapists was utilized to refine the user interface and machine operation process, thereby shortening the internal development schedule and enhancing product safety to meet practical requirements. The second-generation lower limb rehabilitation machine is now available on the market and has garnered widespread praise through trial use in various hospitals.

Furthermore, the Joint Research Center periodically organizes the “Big Eyes on HealthCare” lecture series and satellite conferences on international geriatric medicine research. Esteemed experts are invited to analyze long-term care, thereby enhancing the healthcare knowledge of professionals and the general public.

Developing Professional Talents

HIWIN is a global enterprise that has positioned Taiwan􏘧s intelligent machinery industry at the forefront of the international stage. By implementing a range of innovative educational programs and sponsoring activities, the Company cultivates a favorable learning environment for students, while also enhancing their professional skills and practical abilities.

(1) Accounting Elite Cultivation Program (Asia University)

Since 2013, HIWIN has sponsored the Accounting Elite Tutoring Program at the Department of Accounting and Information Science, Asia University. The program aims to enhance students' accounting expertise and improve their employability. It emphasizes developing students' communication, analytical, and expressive abilities, as well as broadening their international perspectives. The program assists top-performing students in becoming accounting elites. To date, 3,506 students have participated in the program, significantly increasing their desire to obtain professional certifications and fostering a culture of continuous learning. Evening tutoring sessions have become highly popular among students, who now recognize the importance of early career planning. This demonstrates the program's effectiveness.

☑️ In 2022, 710 students participated in the program, with sponsorships totaling US$26,732

(2) Professional Certification Guidance Program (Tamkang University)

Since 2011, HIWIN has sponsored the Department of Accounting at Tamkang University to establish a strong foundation in professional subjects and offer training for digital professionals and interdisciplinary talents. The Company actively encourages students to obtain accounting and computer auditing certifications, equipping them to navigate the digital transformation in the accounting field and improve their job prospects.To date, a total of 4,925 students have participated in this program.The students􏘧 self-motivated learning approach has fostered a unique study culture that distinguishes them from other departments, earning commendation from the university.

☑️ In 2022, 550 students participated in the program, with sponsorships totaling US$26,531